World music festival Todo Mundo was launched in Belgrade in 2012, with the idea of ​​enabling the local audience to enjoy multi-day world music, diverse and attractive, which comes from different parts of the planet.

Today, the festival is organized by the Ring Ring Association, while ten years ago the initiative was shared with the Belgrade Youth Center and the LongPlay Concert Agency.

The music program of the festival has so far included performances by artists and bands from Europe, Asia and Africa, always with the idea of ​​promoting something interesting, different, unusual… In addition to hosting some of the most important world music names, the main goal of the festival is topicality, that is, presenting the latest projects and albums. Thus, at the 9th edition of the festival (2021), the exceptional Italian singer Maria Mazzotta performed, who during that very year “exploded” on the European concert scene, growing into a new, big world music star. Among other famous names were: Tinariwen, Baba Zula, Muzsikás, Söndörgő, Divanhana, Monsieur Doumani, Džamo Aguševi Orchestra…

In addition to various musical traditions, as well as fusions that come from around the world, Todo Mundo is always open to local artists, with the desire to support them and introduce them to guests from abroad. So far, the following have performed at the festival: Lajko Feliks, Naked, Svetlana Spajić Singing Group, Rodjenice, Istanbul Night, Shira utfila, Bojana and Nebojša Brdarić…

Todo Mundo is also a space for accompanying content, such as exhibitions (Monika and Mazsi), workshops (Russian traditional doll), conferences (Women in the world music: artists, managers, journalists…, Music on the move) and others.


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