Vocal duo, Teofilović Brothers, entered the music scene with their album „Čuvari sna” released in 1998. Eminent music critic Petar Peca Popović wrote at the time: “There is only one way of singing for Teofilović Brothers – the one with closed eyes, curled fists, head towards the sky and openness of the heart in which emotions overgrow the reason of the song.”

Twinning their voices, in almost identical coloring and temper, Teofilović Brothers are dedicated to researching potentials of bi-voicing Balkan’s songs even if the song is recorded as mono-vocal. Their researching as a result is unique interpretation that in the mind of listeners creates an assembly of past times, emotions, and everything that a person keeps within itself.

Their art is beyond raw interpretation of musical vocal tradition because it includes modern singing patterns, creating the organic new age folklore.

Duo successfully performed through former Yugoslavia, at Kennedy Center in Washington DC, The Hall of Honor at Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Franz Liszt Hall in Budapest, Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Mozart Hall in Vienna.

On their album „Vidarica”, Teofilović Brothers collaborated with guitar player Miroslav Tadić. This collaboration gave new artistic dimension in their work.


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