The female a cappella trio Rodjenice performs songs from rural areas of the former Yugoslavia. For the name of the group, founded in 2009, a term from Slavic mythology was used and refers to supernatural beings (there are always three of them) who determine the fate of a newborn.

Rodjenice has released three albums and one EP so far: “from the past” (2018), “#svadbenice” (2019), “Male Voices” (2020) and “Rawdjenice” (2021).

Unlike the first album, where the songs are not thematically connected, the second album “#svadbenice” includes wedding songs from different parts of the Balkans, while the “Male Voices” EP brings a repertoire of so-called male songs. Deconstructing the norms of traditional culture, with this album Rodjenice play with established gender roles.

Different in terms of production, the latest album “Rawdjenice” contains tracks that were not recorded in studio conditions, nor additionally processed, but represent “raw sound in controlled conditions” in which all surrounding noises are present.

Since they have been present on the world music scene of Serbia and the region for more than a decade, they have collaborated with various artists and bands: Argo and Babra from Hungary, Belo Platno and Serboplov from Serbia, as well as Lăutarii din Chișinău from Romania. Rodjenice also held numerous recitals and performances at festivals: ArtWife (Slovakia), Budapest Ritmo (Hungary), Ring Ring and Todo Mundo (Belgrade), (Pančevo), Pocket Globe and Kaleidoskop Kulture (Novi Sad), Kanjiža jazz festival (Kanjiža)…

Traditional, cultural and raw are three epithets that could be used to describe their creative poetics.

Rodjenice are: Mirjana Raić Tepić, Katarina Petrić and Katarina Nikolić.


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