The International festival of new music Ring Ring has been held every May in Belgrade, since 1996. It is aimed at a diverse urban audience, to whom it tries to present the latest vibes on the world scene every year, at the same time hosting some of the world’s renowned artists: Ken Vandermark, Fred Frith, The Ex, Tuxedomoon, Matthew Shipp, Irene Schweitzer, Otomo Yoshihide, Peter Brötzmann, Hamid Drake…

New music, improv, avant-garde jazz, new rock, electronic music, electro-acoustic forms, contemporary music, free jazz and a combination of different genres – all this is part of the festival program.

The festival is an excellent opportunity for the local audience to get to know this kind of music, but it is also a very important place for local artists to show themselves and “break the ice”. This is how some young authors and ensembles took some of the first, important steps in their careers at this festival (Felix Lajko, Ognjen i Prijatelji, Neočekivana sila, Rascep, BelgradeYard SoundSystem, New Art Forum, Paniks, Dragon’s Fuel, Ana Never, Blank Disc, Svetlana Spajić…).

Some of the local artists collaborated with foreign guests at the festival, and in that way the doors of the world scene were opened for them.


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