Soon after its formation in 2006, the Belgrade-based band Naked easily attracted the local audience thanks to its multilayered, catchy sound, as well as the uniqueness of its original compositions and outstanding playing skills. Throughout the years, Naked grew to become one of the most active and famous world music groups from Serbia.

Band was so named because its members want to share the nakedness of truth, honesty, purity, and open minds.

Naked has performed at numerous festivals, concerts, club gigs and other occasions worldwide: Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, Israel, South Korea, South America, Italy, Romania, India… Just some of the events include: “Exit”, “Babel Sound”, “Danube Festival Ulm”, “Colours of Ostrava”, “Red Sea Jazz Festival”, WOMEX…

The band has developed a style that reflects synergy of the Balkans traditions, Mediterranean heritage, and African and Eastern European traditions, with the jazz, funk, rock, free-jazz music. Their melodies are emotionally multi-layered, expressing joy, melancholy, tenderness, anxiety, and rebellious spirit. “Happy sadness” is the major poetical thread that connects all albums they released: “Noyz” (2008), “Get Naked” (2011), “Nakedonia” (2015), “Yes” (2018), culminating in their fifth album “Srećna tuga” (“Happy sadness”, 2022).

Ever since they were formed, Naked perform nationally and internationally at clubs and have concerts in larger venues. Beside Serbia, they performed in Hungary, Romania, Germany, Italy, Russia, the Czech Republic, Israel, India, South Korea, South America… They also performed at festivals such as “EXIT”, “Babel Sound”, “Donau Fest in Ulm”, “Colors of Ostrava”, “Red Sea Jazz Festival”, WOMEX, etc.

Naked are: Branislav Radojković (bass guitar), Goran Milošević (drums, percussion), Đorđe Mijušković (violin), Ivan Teofilović (tenor saxophone) and Đorđe Kujundžić (baritone / alt saxophone)


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