Malomfesztivál (Windmill Festival) has been held in Orom in the north of Vojvodina since 2014 and is considered an event that erases all borders, starting with interpersonal ones, breaking down all internal barriers, and finally making the physical ones – the borders between countries – null and void. At the same time, the festival points to the untouched values, and the beauty of Serbia/Vojvodina, showing a state in which time has somewhat stopped, a place where the clock ticks more slowly, where, in the endless line of the horizon, the sky and the earth meet, and where we will meet at one point, maybe just You and I. Next to the windmill.

Organizers, volunteers and all visitors to the festival, including several hundred campers who stay on the festival territory for several days, sincerely try to make the festival “greener”: the single-use plastic is almost completely eradicated, no chemicals are used for washing dishes, and the entire festival environment is decorated with recycled, repeatedly used material.

The music that the festival brings is certainly contemporary and touches on many musical genres: from alternative world music, through a harder guitar sound to new electronic music… The festival has an increasingly strong international program, and the headliners of 2022 were, for example, BCUC, La Caravane Passe, Repetitor, Naked and Koi Koi, as well as a whole series of Hungarian bands such as Bongora, Parno Graszt and others.

The organizer of the festival is the Youth and Cultural Association “Wemsical Serbia”, based in Kanjiža.


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