Shortly after its founding (2010), Novi Sad-based Majamisty TriO established itself as one of the most significant local jazz ensembles of the younger and middle generations. The secret of their success and creative achievements lies in the atypical jazz maturation of the band’s main strength – composer and pianist Maja Alvanović.

Classically educated, with rich experience in pedagogic work, and in love with jazz music, in her thirties, she boldly turned to the field of composition that perfectly combines two worlds – delicate classical sensibility and contemporary European jazz.

For her creative ideas, she chose proven musicians – double bassist Ervin Malina and drummer Ištvan Čik.

The very first two albums – “Mistyland“ (2011) and “Love“ (2014) – Majamisty TriO recorded with carefully selected, attractive guests. In 2018, drummer Lav Kovač became a new member of the band, which resulted in the release of the third album “Organic“ (2020), as well as a series of videos for several tracks.

Commissioned by the Belgrade Jazz Festival, in 2021, Maja was preparing the trio’s fourth album, “Wind Rose“ (2022). For this performance as well as for the recording of the album, attractive guests had been engaged again: Aneta George, a singer of Macedonian origin who lives and teaches in France, and Ulrich Drechsler, an Austrian bass clarinetist.

All 4 albums got excellent critics worldwide (All About Jazz, Jazz Times, Jazzwise, London Jazz News, Jazz Journal, New York City Jazz Records, Esensjanda, Verhoevens jazz…).

Majamisty TriO has performed so far at the most important local jazz festivals (Belgrade Jazz Festival, Novi Sad Jazz Festival, Nišville, Pančevo Jazz Festival), as well as on stages abroad: Kyiv, Sofia, Vienna, Banja Luka, London, Norwich, New York…

Majamisty TriO are: Maja Alvanović (piano), Ervin Malina (double bass), and Lav Kovač (drums).


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