Kezz (Tamara Ristić) is one of the few artists from Serbia, who performs her music live, completely alone on stage. Her musical expression is a free form that constantly changes, from the performance to the sound itself, but what remains the same is the continuous search for modernization of the heritage.

The music Kezz creates and performs is recognizable by a unique merging of a contemporary, electro-organic sound and stylized singing with a hint of traditional Balkan melodies, but also for her very emotional interpretation and powerful energy.

She has been releasing music since 2014, and since 2018 she has started to perform intensively also as a DJ in electronic music clubs, maturing in clubs Boat 20/44 and Half in Belgrade. This experience led her to a deep exploration of the electronic music world, which inspired her to develop a unique live performance. Last year she had the premier at the legendary EXIT Dance Arena, when she opened the night for Monolink, Satori and Stephan Bodzin.

She started composing when she was 13 years old, and in 2014 she released her first single “Moma” which was shortlisted out of 3 in the competition organized by World Music Network from London. So far, she has released 2 EP releases, 3 studio albums and more than 20 singles on compilations and in collaboration with other musicians.

Tamara also composes music for radio, theater, exhibitions and performances. She was one of the composers of the original score for the experimental film “Vernae” by Ethan Folk, an audiovisual artist from Seattle. In September 2017, “Vernae” took the prize for best music composition at Local Sightings Film Festival – Northwest Film Forum in Seattle.

Her current live performance calls people to dance, surprising with unexpected twists, such as singing traditional themes interwoven with electronics, or emotionally playing melodica over a deep undulating bass line. Using her voice she creates imaginary spaces in which she reminds the audience of what they didn’t even know they had forgotten. Kezz transmitted those vibrations on her latest album “Elektroizvorika” which is completely dedicated to traditional music of the Balkans.


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