The group Kal (in Roma language the word “kal” means black), with Dragan Ristić as a frontman, nurtures the Roma tradition, but also gives it an author’s signature by combining different genres such as rock, punk, ska, swing, rap, chanson, or tango. Their music is described as the urban sound of the Belgrade suburbs.

Founded in 1996, the group Kal released their first album, “Traditional Gypsy Music From Serbia”, in 2001. Following the release of their album “Kal” in 2006, their music was described as gipsy ska, gipsy rockabilly or gipsy soul. The best description of their sound was given in media: rock’n’roma. This description, which they accepted, made them recognizable on a global scale. In this manner, they created the albums “Radio Romanista” (2009) and “Romology” (2013). In their love songs, as well as in humorous and engaged songs, lyrics reflect the unique spirit of the Roma people and their never-ending struggle.

The group Kal performed at numerous festivals, such as Roskilde in Denmark, Fusion Festival in Berlin, Pepsi Sziget in Budapest, Exit in Novi Sad and WOMEX in Spain. Along with a guitarist, singer and songwriter Dragan Ristić, the band now includes Aleksandra Veljković (vocals), Dušan Gnjidić (drums), Marko Jevtović (bass), Milan Kostić (accordion) and Milan Veljković (violin).


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