Ethno group Gergina cherishes, preserves, and promotes traditional Vlach songs. The group was founded in 2012 in Negotin, a city in eastern Serbia, where the Vlach national minority is very vital and eager to safeguard its rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Dedication of Gergina group to preserve traditional Vlach musical expressions has put their interpretation of the song “Venji najka-al mjeu asară” (“My beloved came last night”) onto edition “Serbia: Living Tradition” released by World Music Association of Serbia in 2016. This album was promoted at the prestigious WOMEX fair and elsewhere abroad.

Association Gergina, whose part is ethno group, launched its own label ”Gergina Records” and in 2021 released compilation “Magija djin muzika Vlahilor” / “Vlaška muzička magija“ / “The Magic of Vlach Music”. A song performed by Ethno group was included in this album. In April 2022 the group released their first solo album “Dunăre, Dunăre” (Danube, Danube). Album presents roots love songs of the Vlachs from Serbia.

Since 2013, Ethno group Gergina has regularly performed at the Vlach music festival “Gergina”, organized by the Association with the support of Negotin Cultural Centre “Stevan Mokranjac”. Besides concerts at this traditional festival, group Gergina has performed throughout Serbia and abroad (Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, North Macedonia).

The group today consists of singers Elizabeta Dajić Grimplinović, Ljilja Miljković, Ljiljana Đokić, Marica Savić, Slađana Vojinović, Snežana Čelojević, Žikica Maksimović, as well as accordionist Jovica Miljković and piper (frula/fluer player) Vitomir Stanojević.


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