Ethno Jazz Orchestra – EJO plays covers of traditional Balkans music as well as their own compositions inspired by fusion jazz traditions, African music, and Balkans music. They also experiment with other musical genres.

Their original style gives new energy to the old songs, while their own compositions give whole new visions. The band was formed in 2015. Their first album “Ptica” (“The Bird”) published in 2021 received numerous positive critiques.

In 2016 and 2018 EJO’s songs held first place on Balkans and world top list of music platform Ethno Cloud. In 2022 EJO received award of the Association of jazz, pop and rock musicians of Serbia as the best “New Hope” as well as an award for their piece “Deset dana” (“Ten days”) as most listened jazz composition in 2021.

The members of EJO are: Milica Dobrić (vocals), Nataša Pejčić (vocals), Stevan Milijanović (keyboards), Aleksandar Jovan Krstić (flute and kaval), Armand Mesaroš (bass), Aleksa Milijanović (drums) and Aleksandar Alempijević (percussion).

EJO regularly plays at festivals in Serbia and throughout Europe, and in music clubs.


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