Born in musician family, Dule Resavac spontaneously became singer, musician and poet strongly orientated towards Serbian and Balkans musical traditions, but also under the influence of world music. In his work, he is creatively complemented with artists from the band Stoiks: Aleksandar Stojić on the guitar, Ivan Aleksijević on piano, Jovan Jovanović on bass and Zoran Čeda Marjanović on drums.

Dule Resavac is multi-instrumentalist: beside saxophone, drums, percussions and pipe, he plays traditional instruments such are cevara, Moldavian kaval, kaval, drombulje, fujara, duclar and futujara. He also collects folk musical instruments from all over the world. Dule presents his rich collection of over 300 traditional music instruments through the project “Sounds of the World”.

In 2013 Dule Resavac begun collaboration with the band Stoiks, firstly by playing together in concerts and then, just a year after, by recording their first joint album “Priče sa Izvora” (“Tales from the Source”) published under PGP RTS label. Album title was chosen because songs represent Serbian cultural heritage. Album was promoted at concerts all over the Balkans as well as European festivals such is Lugano Festival Jazz in Italy.

Second album, “Priče iz Podsvesti” (“Tales from Subconsciousness”) was released in 2022 also under PGP RTS label. Dule wrote the lyrics, while Aleksandar Stojić was composer and arranger. Lyrics clearly display mythological and pagan influences as well as spiritual and religious heritage of Balkans people.


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