Dragon’s Fuel was founded in 2016. On May 15, 2018, the band released their debut album “Dragon’s Fuel”, and just two days later they had their premiere performance at the Ring Ring Festival – a prestigious Belgrade event in the field of improvisation, experimental, avant-garde and contemporary jazz music. The organizer of the festival had full confidence in the new, still pretty unknown band – which at the time of planning the performance had not yet had an official release – since its members are prominent musicians from the city of Novi Sad.

After the “Dragon’s Fuel” album, the band released “Oranges” (2020) and “Fruška Džungla” (2022), all three under the HORZ label, which was started in 2018 by most of the Dragon’s Fuel’s founders – Marko Čurčić, Lav Kovač, and Predrag Okiljević.

In Serbia, they performed at many prestigious festivals: Ring Ring (2018), Novi Sad Jazz Festival (2018), Karusel (2019), Belgrade Jazz Festival (2019), Šumadija Blues and Jazz Festival (2020)… They held concerts in the cult Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade and that material is regularly broadcast in the programs of the Radio Television of Serbia. Outside of Serbia, they had performances in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bulgaria.

The members of Dragon’s Fuel are: Predrag Okiljević (tenor saxophone), Vojislav Savkov (tenor and soprano saxophones), Ivan Burka (marimba, vibraphone, percussion), Marko Čurčić (bass guitar) and Lav Kovač (drums, sampler).


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