Traditional singing group Crnućanka gathered generations from 1903 until 1934, but it is believed that its origin seizes in 19th century being encouraged by Princess Ljubica, wife of Serbian ruler Miloš Obrenović.

Group’s work was re-established in 1966 under the guidance of Aleksandar Lesa Đorđević from Gornja Crnuća. During the 50 years group performed at numerous local events, festivals and traditional creativity events throughout former Yugoslavia. Among numerous awards, group Crnućanka is particularly proud for winning “European Golden Plaquette for Arts” in 1976 in Hamburg (Germany).

In 2019 group was rejuvenated under the guiding of ethnomusicologists Ivana Todorović. In the core is desire to safeguard traditional musical entity, i.e. autochthonous musical expressions and traditional songs of Rudnik and Takovo region.

Crnućanka group members share the belief that authentic music represents old life-styles and that every lyric of old songs is a treasure for new generations. Singers in the group keep learning from elder singers and trying to present their knowledge on the scene authentically, in costumes, vocal style and behavior.


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