Leading Serbian player of wind and brass instruments, particularly trumpet, Svrljig bagpipes, duduk and okarina, Bokan Stanković is one of the last bearers of Eastern Serbia musical traditions.

From early youth he went across villages in the Eastern Serbia and from bagpipers and singers learned ancient musical traditions. Nowadays, he is a “walking encyclopedia” of ancestors’ knowledge and Serbian instrumental, vocal and dancing traditions.

Bokan Stanković received numerous awards at festivals of traditional creativity. Dozens of his recordings are kept in Radio Belgrade archive. As a pedagogue and player, he held seminars and workshops for bagpipers. From 1993 until 1999 he leaded male singing group Kladenac in Belgrade. In recent decades he works and performs with singer Svetlana Spajić. Bokan is also a member of Goran Bregović Orchestra.

Bokan Stanković is one of the performers within the “Living Heritage” concert series project of Music Information Centre of Serbia.

Nowadays Bokan lives in Zaječar.


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