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bokan stanković

Bokan Stanković

Leading Serbian player of wind and brass instruments, particularly trumpet, Svrljig bagpipes, duduk and okarina, Bokan Stanković is one of the last bearers of...


Traditional singing group Crnućanka gathered generations from 1903 until 1934, but it is believed that its origin seizes in 19th century being encouraged by...


Ethno group Gergina cherishes, preserves, and promotes traditional Vlach songs. The group was founded in 2012 in Negotin, a city in eastern Serbia, where...


The female a cappella trio Rodjenice performs songs from rural areas of the former Yugoslavia. For the name of the group, founded in 2009,...
svetlana spajić

Svetlana Spajić

Svetlana Spajić is one of the best known and influential female traditional singers. For 30 years she is dedicated to safeguarding Serbian cultural heritage,...