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dejan krsmanović

Dejan Krsmanović

Dejan Krsmanović is a composer and guitar player. His first album „Znaš šta!?” was published in 2012. He successfully collaborated with famous Norwegian producer...
dragon's fuel

Dragon’s Fuel

Dragon's Fuel was founded in 2016. On May 15, 2018, the band released their debut album “Dragon's Fuel”, and just two days later they...


Ethno Jazz Orchestra – EJO plays covers of traditional Balkans music as well as their own compositions inspired by fusion jazz traditions, African music,...


The band Eyot, founded in 2008 in Niš, brings an eclectic expression, between rock and jazz, punk and ambient music, impressionism and romanticism, relying...
jasna jovićević

Jasna Jovićević

Jasna Jovicević is one of the leading jazz artists in Serbia, composing, performing and leading projects such as Jasna Jovicevic Quinary, ANJALI Trio, Jovicevic/Miklos/Wojcinski...
majamisty trio

Majamisty TriO

Shortly after its founding (2010), Novi Sad-based Majamisty TriO established itself as one of the most significant local jazz ensembles of the younger and...