Experimental / New Music

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ensemble studio6

Ensemble Studio6

Studio6 is a collective of performing musicians, composers and researchers, devoted to promotion of today’s music, based in Serbia. Apart from its main activity, which...
lenhart tapes

Lenhart Tapes

Lenhart Tapes is a one-man-cassette-tape-manipulator and he has been mostly known for his live, striking and unforgettable live performances. Walkmans are his musical instruments,...
marina džukljev

Marina Džukljev

Marina Džukljev (1983) is a pianist, educator and active performer in the fields of free improvisation, classical, contemporary and applied music. Marina collaborates with wide...
silard mezei

Szilárd Mezei

Szilárd Mezei is composer, violist, double bass player and improviser. He was born in 1974 in Senta, Serbia (then Yugoslavia) as a member of...


Tapan is a Belgrade-based project created by Nebojša Bogdanović, one of the 20/44 club devotees, and Goran Simonoski, the producer who was behind the...
tijana stanković

Tijana Stanković

Violinist and vocalist Tijana Stanković (1984), works mostly in the domain of world music and free improvisation. She studied ethnomusicology in Novi Sad. Her fields...