About Us

Music Information Centre of Serbia (MICS) is non-profit umbrella organization with a mission to contribute representation, development, researching, collecting and safeguarding musical creativity and music scene in Serbia. Also, our mission includes the contribution to the development of music industry as it is an important part of creative sector in Serbia.

MICS is a service that provides information about musicians, festivals, institutions, associations, producers, discographs and publicists active especially in areas of Roots music, World Music, classical and contemporary music, jazz, experimental / new music and electronic music. MICS also provides information about current projects and activities related to the music. Beside providing relevant information for all interested in Serbia, we promote Serbian music and potentials of Serbian music industry abroad. Special attention is given to promotion of Serbian performing arts as part of intangible cultural heritage to the international public.


Music Information Centre of Serbia
Nebojšina 16/1
11000 Belgrade / Serbia

+381 62 552 120 | mics.rs.office@gmail.com | office@mics.rs


As unique music information service in Serbia, alike similar European services, MICS’s goals are to contribute representation, development, researching, collecting, and protection of musical creativity and music scenes in Serbia, as well as musical traditions which are part of intangible cultural heritage in the Republic of Serbia. Our goal is also to contribute the development of music industry as a force in creative sector with an accent on national and international promotion of Serbian music and potentials of music industry in Serbia.


To achieve sat goals MICS initiates following activities:

  • Organization of conferences, congresses and other events gathering professional community in the area of music; seminars, workshops and other educational events for all interested in musical creativity;
  • Publishing (printed and digital) books, magazines, journals, brochures, catalogues and alike about music and musical tradition in Serbia;
  • Publishing (printed and digital) audio and visual materials and editions about music and musical tradition in Serbia;
  • Promotion of MICS work and musical creativity in Serbia at MICS portal, via traditional and social media, at national and international fairs, music festivals and other events in Serbia and abroad;
  • Organization of concerts, festivals, fairs and other musical events;
  • Forming and running a database (digital archive) with the register of musicians, bands, orchestras and festivals, as well as digital audio archive containing the recordings of Serbian musicians;
  • Participation in projects aimed to present and promote musical industry in Serbia as an integral part of the creative sector;
  • Active cooperation with institutions, associations and other (musical) organizations in Serbia and abroad.


MICS founders are: World Music Association of Serbia – representative association in the domain of culture from the City of Jagodina and two Belgrade based organizations: Ring Ring and Society for promotion of traditional culture “The Source”. Each founding organization has decades long good reputation in presenting and promoting music and Serbian intangible cultural heritage in Serbia and abroad, as well as in organization of various events (concerts, festivals, tribunes, debates, conferences, etc.) and publishing discographic editions, booklets, magazines, brochures and alike.


Marija Vitas

member / communication manager / editor of internet portal

Oliver Đorđević

chairman / producer

Bojan Đorđević

member / festivals, international cooperation

Maša Vukanović

member / project manager

Saša Srećković

vice-chairman / intangible heritage coordinator


Vladana Janićijević Ebilji

Julijana Baštić

Ana Ćirica

Dejan Vujinović

Ivana Ljubinković

Darjana Antipova

Dušan Milenković

el gvojos

Danko Strahinić