“Drugovanje” is the fourth album by Iskon, released on “Multimedia Music”, on September 20, 2022.

It includes 9 songs, 1 instrumental tune, as well as 1 narrative: “Bolna ljuba, bolna leži”, “Adana oro”, “Tamburalo momče u tamburu”, “Bilbil pile ne poj rano”, “Marijo ćero”, “Adjon Isten, rózsám”, “Ne si go prodavaj Koljo čiflikot”, “Sitna lisa”, “Marijo, bela kumrijo”, “Gusta mi magla padnala”, “Ptice”.

Each song has an invited guest, not only from Serbia, but also from Mexico, Italy, France and Hungary.

For more than two decades, Iskon has been cultivating traditional Balkan music. The group has performed in Turkey, France, Russia, Hungary, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia, BiH.

As a person for whom Iskon has remained in memory as a kind of standard of Serbian traditional music since they visited Russia with concerts, it was nice to hear this new album and, in general, to find out that the musicians did not abandon the acoustic sound and did not go “in search of themselves” as it usually happens with the musicians working together for years.

Yes, I listened to them for the last time about ten years ago, and it was noticeable how the vocalists’ voices “matured”. It was nice to find a composition with a male two-voice that sounds very modern. Songs like “Bilbil pile ne poj rano” and “Ne si go prodavaj Koljo čiflikot” are among my favorites now.

The band is already working on a discography to leave the future generations their own view of the musical heritage of the peoples living in the Balkans.

Daryana Antipova


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