The 5th edition of the unique summer course in musicology, CEU Summer Course 2023 will be held in Budapest, between June 26 – July 4, 2023.

This time the focus will be on migration and music, the music of diasporas and the connection between the movement of people and music, with the lead of our course director: Martin Stokes. The course is organised by Hangvető jointly with CEU Summer University.

What the organizer of the CEU Summer Course 2023 offers:

1) 9-day intensive summer course with networking possibilities, inspiring and friendly atmosphere; 2) Lectures, meetings with musicians, field trip and site visits in Budapest and Vienna; 3) Theoretical and practical assignments led by leading ethnomusicologists; 4) Individual project development under the guidance of experienced instructors; 5) Scholarship for applicants from OSUN institutions / from the Global South / from Ukraine


1) Denis Laborde – French National Institute of Scientific Research (CNRS) / l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS); Paris, France; 2) Svanibor Pettan – University of Ljubljana, Slovenia / International Council for Traditional Music; 3) Florian Scheding – Department of Music, University of Bristol, UK; 4) Hélène Neveu Kringelbach – University College London, UK; 5) József Laszlovszky – Central European University, Budapest / Vienna; 6) Dafni Tragaki – University of Thessaly, Greece; 7) Zsuzsanna Szálka – Central European University, Budapest / Vienna, Magyar Zene Háza – House of Music, Hungary; 8) András Lelkes – Forum for Folk Art Fund, Budapest, Hungary; 9) Balazs Weyer – Music Hungary, Budapest, Hungary.

Application deadline is March 20, 2023


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