Izvika Singing in the Beauty of Female Voices (MICS/WMAS, 2021) is an album and service guide published in cooperation of Music Information Centre of Serbia and World Music Association of Serbia. It brings images of old life in villages and how lads and lasses used to behave.
Album Izvika singing in the beauty of female voices combines izvika songs and stories told by aged informants how songs were created and how the singing style was developed. Recorded stories enable listeners to feel present while songs were sung, hence easily comprehends themes.
Among 35 tracks, 26 are izvika songs and 9 are stories about old songs from Western Serbia. Selected izvika songs are sung by women, but some were sung by mixed duos. Singers are Draga Milićević, Dragica Žunić, Malina Stanojević, Milojka Gojgić, Rada Jovanović, Tomka Paunović, Dragan Rosić, Miroljub Raketić, Radenko Gordić, Slavenko Karadžić and Sreto Nijemčević.
Imagine yourself 50 years ago in traditional costumes at the village fair or socializing at prelo, gatherings in which lasses learned to sing and create handicrafts while lads were joining in singing… Listening Izvika singing in the beauty of female voices enables you to get the feeling and truly experience archaic, authentic spirit of Serbian people. It is very fortunate that bearers of traditional lifestyles and music are still among us, willing to share their knowledge and depicture times when they were young learners of izvika singing without musical notes, CD players and newer technologies. You will have the impression that the time stopped.
Guide contains service information about World Music and Roots scene in Serbia – musicians, festivals, labels, etc.
Editor is Marija Vitas and producer is Oliver Đorđević.