The Music Information Centre of Serbia (MICS) was invited to attend the conference within the SUBSTRAT project – a traveling international grassroot venue festival and conference, established by the EEnlarge Europe hub in 2022.

The first edition of SUBSTRAT takes place in Zagreb, at Klub Močvara, on March, 8 – 10, 2023.

This yearly event provides a gathering point for the representatives of the grassroot venue sector and puts their issues and needs into focus, by providing a platform for discussing and addressing relevant topics, both on and off the podium. The daytime conference programme is complemented by concerts of both local and regional emerging artists in the evening.

On Friday, March 10, from 11 a.m., a conference will be held on the topic of “Mapping the National Music Scenes”.

In the announcement of this conference, the organizer wrote the following: “Ever tried booking a tour and lamented having to search for days to locate all the relevant contacts, wishing instead they could all be listed in one place? Well, look no further than this round table where representatives of four different institutions (SIGIC, MICS, Soundczech & We Move Music Croatia) will discuss their experiences charting their national music scenes.”

Conference participants will be Mirko Burazer, project manager in the Croatian music export office “We Move Music Croatia”, Radek Pavlovič, head of PR and marketing at SoundCzech, Primož Kristan, general secretary of the Slovenian Music Information Centre (SIGIC), and Marija Vitas, communication manager and editor of the MICS portal.


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