A dynamic and eventful tour in Germany and Belgium awaits Rodjenice trio. The tour will last from March 1 to 17, 2023, and include concerts and vocal tradition workshops in music schools, with children of younger school age.

Rodjenice is an increasingly recognized Serbian three-member female a cappella group, deeply committed to the interpretation of traditional village songs and its well-thought-out, attractive promotion. Rodjenice is going on a March tour at the invitation of the “Alba Kultur” organization from Cologne, which organizes concerts in various cities of Germany and Belgium through its global music network “Klangkosmos NRW”.

Rodjenice trio will present the repertoire from the last three albums, and new songs, which will be premiered.

Each of the trio’s three albums so far – “#svadbenice”, “Male voices” and “Rawdjenice” – brings a special approach to cultural heritage, a specific musical expression and responses to recent social issues, thus making traditional music a current factor in a social life again. Such tendencies clearly set Rodjenice apart from other groups with a similar music orientation.

The name of the group has a symbolic meaning, taken from Slavic mythology, where three female supernatural beings – rođenice or suđaje – appear at the birth of a child to determine its fate.

The repertoire of Rodjenice trio is based on the vocal tradition of the former Yugoslavia’s rural areas. It was part of everyday life and an important segment of the community in which it was created. This trio understands Yugoslavia as a unique cultural space, intertwined with different musical expressions. In this regard, the music of Rodjenice overcomes stereotypical interpretations of traditional music, in which it is linked exclusively to the identity of one nation.

The band has so far made several impressive performances in European countries, such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Germany and Belgium will soon be added to this list.

Rodjenice are: Mirjana Raić Tepić, Katarina Petrić and Katarina Nikolić.


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