Majamisty TriO has released a music video for the track “Green Room”, another single from the new album “Wind Rose” (Mistyland, 2022). The video was published on December 16, 2022, on the “majamisty” YouTube channel.

The composer of the “Green Room” from their fourth album is Ervin Malina, double bassist of the band, and the arrangement is signed by the trio.

The video used material from the recording of the “Wind Rose” album, which took place in October 2021 at the Kachara studio in Bukovac.

Video recording and editing are the work of Vladimir Antić, with whom Maja Alvanović, the main Majamisty-engine, has been collaborating for years.

The sound recording and mastering is done by another longtime collaborator, Dimitrije Jakovljević.

“After the animated videos and video works that were recorded and published for the album Organic (Mistyland, 2020), this time I wanted to record our creative process and for the video material that will represent our new album to be mainly made of recordings from the place where we created the album, so that it brings a working atmosphere” – says Maja Alvanović for MICS, adding that she has an idea to edit a documentary film about the making of the “Wind Rose” album in the future.


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