Veljko Nenadić, young Serbian composer, pianist, and organist from Smederevo, is one of most prominent and awarded composers. Recently, he made three more achievements.

On November 26th in Budapest, Veljko won the first award at one of the most significant composers’ competitions in the world – Bartok World Competition”. Altogether 98 compositions for violin and piano from 31 country were submitted on the anonymous call. The best tree compositions were played at gala concert. Veljko’s winning composition Two Movements – Impromptu and Perpetuum mobile for Violin and Piano was played by eminent Hungarian musicians Barnabás Kelemen (violin) and József Balog (piano). After playing the composition, Veljko and musicians received standing ovations from the audience. President of the jury was Oscar and 5 Gremmy awards winning John Corigliano. Member of the jury was South Korean Unsuk Chin, one of the most respected composer of contemporary classic music.

Beside the trophy and monetary award, Veljko received the award of publisher „Edito Music from Budapest who will publish partiture of Veljko’s composition. Also, his composition will be obligatory piece at Bartok Violine Competition.

Just before this success, for his compositions „Mezijiski Hramovi and „Strip Veljko received first award at 9th „Lugi Nono composers competition organized by Turin based „Amici per la musica. Veljko was one among 100 composers from 28 countries. Three-member jury described Veljko’s compositions as impressive, effective, special and energetic”, whereas he was acknowledges as a composer who has excellent sense of flow, dramatization and ability to uniquely synthetize various musical tradition, so two compositions that he submitted are full of imagination and amazingly unpredictable.”

Beside monetary award, Veljko received an honor to compose a piece for eminent Japanese duo, artists Momoko Konishi and Nanami Okuda. They will play the piece next year in Turin and Veljko is invited to attend the concert.

In Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital, at composers’ competition New Music Generation 2022” organized by National University of Arts, Veljko’s composition Tri haiku” inspired by verses of haiku poet Macu Basha won the first award in category of young (up to 27 years) choral composers. At this competition, altogether in different categories, over 300 compositions were submitted from all over the world.

Veljko Nenadić studied composition in the class of eminent professors Isidora Žebeljan and Draško Adžić. From 2021 he studies organ in the class of Maja Smiljanić-Radić. Veljko’s music was played in the US, Russia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Algeria, Hungary, etc.