The main album release promotional event of the CD “Golden Apple: Frula in the Serbian musical tradition”, released by Radio Belgrade 2 and PGP RTS, will be held on Saturday, November 26 at 6 p.m. in the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade (Studentski trg 13).

The editorial team is proud to present the gifted guardians of traditional playing, at the same time winners of a special award for the authentic traditional playing, which was named after the “Od zlata jabuka” (Golden Apple) radio show: Dalibor Todorović, Stefan Radovanović, Dušan Antić, Veljko Petronijević and Miljan Toković. This prize is traditionally awarded by the Radio Belgrade 2 at the “Oj, Moravo” Frula players festival in Prislonica, and also implies the recording of permanent recordings with awarded artists’ authentic playing, which are kept in the Radio Belgrade Sound Archive.

Our traditional musical heritage, the one in its purest form, has a special place in the “Od zlata jabuka” show. In addition to preserving and cherishing musical practice, the duty and obligation of this show’s hosts is also the affirmation of young folk artists, which is confirmed by the “Od zlata jabuka” CD.

The audio release contains traditional melodies from Raška (Dalibor Todorović and Veljko Petronijević), Pirot (Dušan Antić), Crnorečje (Stefan Radovanović) and Jablanica (Miljan Toković). All tracks were played solo, without any instrumental accompaniment, respecting the stylistic characteristics of the regions from which the players come. The album “Golden Apple: Frula in the Serbian musical tradition” is an achievement of great importance for the preservation and cherishing of traditional Serbian music and the svirala (frula) as a folk instrument.

This project is a cross-section of five years of work by editors and producers Dragana Marinković and Svetlana Azanjac.

At the album release promotional event the following will speak: PhD Dimitrije Golemović (ethnomusicologist), Vladimir Graić (director of PGP RTS), and Radoman Kanjevac (editor-in-chief of Radio Belgrade 2). The event also features the performances of the aforementioned five musicians, winners of the “Od zlata jabuka” award.

The entrance is free.


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