Our celebrated violinist and favorite of the Belgrade audience, Nemanja Radulović will present the album “Roots”, recorded for Warner Classics, at the Great Hall of the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment on October 30, after finishing a several-week European tour. He will perform with the well-known Balkan-French ensemble Double Sens, with whom he recorded “Roots”.

The album was released on October 7, and the idea for the disc was born during the lockdown in 2020, when our violinist was inspired by the music with the motifs of the tradition from which it originated.

Thus, the audience at Kolarac, as well as those who purchase the disc, will have the opportunity to listen to the string ensemble arrangements of works by Serbian composers, such as Aleksandar Šišić, Aleksandar Sedlar, Žarko Jovanović, Jadranka Stojaković, as well as authors who bring the sounds of Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Japan, Romania, Russia…

For the pieces selected for this album, Radulović says that they are very personal and that he wishes each of us to discover a world without borders through music.

Tickets can be purchased or reserved in Kolarac.