Straight to the heart

The first album by Nemanja Radulović and the Double Sens ensemble for the Warner Classics label, emerged in a time without contact, and represents the complete opposite of distance and alienation. It is a warm, bright and colorful musical journey through the wealth of diverse musical genres and traditions, with which Nemanja says again in a specific way that world music is the basis of classical music, but also that this sound treasure can also be seen as a new beginning, a return to the roots, essence and – to himself. Or “Straight to the heart“, as Dejan Sinadinović (pianist and professor) wrote on his Facebook profile.

The selection of compositions is very personal, but selflessly given to audiences around the world. It is presented through Aleksandar Sedlar’s exceptional and skillfully dramatized arrangements, and the stylistically adequate performing techniques of all participants in relation to the origin of a particular composition. A special charm is brought by the magical and warm voice of violinist Ksenija Milošević, easily adapted to the complex sound nuances of the Vlach heritage, Roma happy sadness and ballads from these areas, as well as the pianistic skill of Miloš Mihajlović, who also appears vocally in the song “Đelem, Đelem“.

From the Balkans to Japan, from Spain to South America, from the Serbian kolo of Aca Šišić to the dance melody of the Far East, from the mambo, through the waltz to the tango, which eventually turns into a kolo tune, and with the eternal Roma nomads – music without borders on this edition with 17 tracks, takes us through different moods, but never through hopeless sadness. On the contrary, even occasional, seductive nostalgia, ultimately reminds us of the essence of life – love, joy, light and sunshine. I think that this very fact is the “secret recipe” of our great star that lasts.

And when I saw how the album was accepted here, in Serbia, I recalled the thoughts of Duško Radović: “Now it’s good to have a friend, simple, bright, cheerful, healing. To teach us what is important and what is unimportant in life. To slap us on the shoulder with his hand and to heal from that blow.”

Ana Ćirica


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