Kalem will hold a solo concert at VHS Rudolfsheim – Fünfhaus in Vienna on October 22 from 8 p.m.

After concerts all over Serbia, the moment came for Kalem duo to introduce itself to the Viennese audience.

“Whenever we introduce ourselves to a new city for the first time, it’s a challenge. When we introduce ourselves to Vienna for the first time, it is the biggest challenge,” say the members of Kalem and add: “Fortunately, there are wonderful people in that city who have decided with all their heart to welcome us and help us present ourselves properly, so Moka and Bako will share the stage with us, and with their help, and the warmth of our people, we believe that the evening will be great!”

The guests at the concert – Momir Moka Marijoković (accordion) and Branko Bako Jovanović (tamboura) – live and work successfully in Vienna .

Kalem is a duo that performs traditional music of the Balkans dressed in new clothes. Kalem consists of Stefan Ilić (vocals / violin) and Dušan Popović Lipovac (guitar). They released their debut album “Meseče” (Multimedia Music) at the end of last year.

Tickets for the concert in Vienna can be purchased via the website Ulaznice.eu and in the Delikatessen Shop “Posavac” (Weyprechtgasse 3).

(Source: Press release)