Music Information Centre of Serbia (MICS) is non-profit umbrella organization with a mission to contribute representation, development, researching, collecting and safeguarding musical creativity and music scene in Serbia. Also, our mission includes the contribution to the development of music industry as it is an important part of creative sector in Serbia.

MICS is a service that provides information about musicians, festivals, institutions, associations, producers, discographs and publicists active especially in areas of traditional music, World Music, classical and contemporary music, jazz, experimental / new music and electronic music. MICS also provides information about current projects and activities related to the music. Beside providing relevant information for all interested in Serbia, we promote Serbian music and potentials of Serbian music industry abroad. Special attention is given to promotion of Serbian performing arts as part of intangible cultural heritage to the international public.


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etnofest 2023

The 20th Etnofest in Palić / June 22 – 25, 2023

The jubilee, the 20th world music festival Etnofest will be held on The Grand Terrace...
badrutt belorukov kocher

Badrutt / Belorukov / Kocher: Concert in Belgrade, June 7

The Badrutt / Belorukov / Kocher Trio concert will be held in Belgrade, in the...
the 27th ring ring

Always different, fresh and intriguing: the 27th “Ring Ring”

The 27th Ring Ring, an international festival of new music, will be held in Belgrade,...
gergina festival

The 14th Gergina Festival in Negotin will start soon

The 14th Gergina International Vlach Music Festival will be held in Negotin, in the "Stevan...
new balkan rhythm festival

A Crowdfunding Campaign: New Balkan Rhythm Festival

Theater and music duo Alice in WonderBand from Fruška Gora launched a crowdfunding campaign for...



Izvika Singing in the Beauty of Female Voices (MICS/WMAS, 2021)

Old Songs From Western Serbia

Izvika Singing in the Beauty of Female Voices (MICS/WMAS, 2021) is an album and service...
Bokan Stanković: Traditional Playing On the Ocarina From Lasovo and Eastern Serbia - cover (MICS, 2022)

An Album Dedicated to the Ocarina

The first album published by the Music Information Centre of Serbia (Co-Publisher: World Music Association...


ensemble for different new music

Ensemble for Different New Music

Ensemble for Different New Music (ADNM) is a multi-keyboard ensemble, founded in 1977 in Belgrade. The ensemble was created by Miroslav “Miša” Savić, Miloš...
branka parlić

Branka Parlić

Branka Parlić (1955) is a pianist actively dedicated to performing the music of the French composer Erik Satie, as well as the music of...
nataša penezić

Nataša Penezić

Nataša Penezić (1984) is a pianist who is actively dedicated to performing music of the 20th and 21st century. She is also an assistant professor at the piano department of...



Malomfesztivál (Windmill Festival) has been held in Orom in the north of Vojvodina since 2014 and is considered an event that erases all borders,...


Jazziré festival is a rather small city cultural event, which has been recognized as "the one that always stays outside of the mainstream trends"....


Etnofest is a world music festival that has been held in Palić and Subotica since 2004, and whose programming character is most often read...